NEMO Riff Thirty Review – NEMO Riff 30 Popular Sleeping Bag *2021

In this NEMO Riff Thirty Review, we will share thoughts about what makes it such a great sleeping bag. What makes the Nemo Riff 30 so great for back sleepers, how it feels compared to your traditional sleeping on a bag, and why the Nemo Riff 30 fits so well as a side sleeper. We hope that this will help make your decision on which bag to get for your backpacking trips.

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First off, let’s quickly cover what makes the NEMO Riff Thirty such a great sleeping pad. It has a closed-cell foam construction which allows for the heat to spread evenly throughout the bag. This helps to keep you warm without getting too hot or cold by allowing airflow through the material, rather than making you sweat through the material. One thing that many people have said about the NEMO Riff 30 is that it really has a lightweight to it. Although it isn’t super warm, it is surprisingly light for its size and weight, and a top competitor in the big mystic sleeping bag review.

Now we will take a look at the benefits of the Nemo Riff 30. The biggest benefit is that it’s much more functional as a side sleeper than other bags that claim to be a side sleeper. Since it snuggles up against your hips, you get much better elevation and support for your upper body. Another big benefit is the extra room that the big mystic sleeping bag review didn’t even mention.

It has a higher loft as well, because of the way it is formed and because it sleeps so close to your body. What makes this benefit unique, however, is the fact that it has tiny needle-like needles that penetrate the air into the pad. It’s these small needles that allow the insulation created by the patented NEMO Riff Thirty to trap the heat so that you can stay warm and sleep close to nature.

These tiny little needles work in conjunction with their patented filling and their ability to change the density based on the weather. The reason why the NEMO Riffs is so unique compared to most sleeping pads is because they are made out of completely synthetic and organic brown paper. This brown paper is also extremely durable, meaning that NEMO Riffs will last for years if taken care of properly.

Although I haven’t slept on one of these pads yet, my opinion is that I am very excited about them. The NEMO Riff Thirty really does stand out from the crowd, offering more than just a warm, cozy night’s sleep. In addition to being extremely comfortable, I also found that the NEMO Riff Thirty kept me warm and cozy throughout the night, which is crucial when you’re sleeping in a tent or a hammock. A warm sleeping pad like the NEMO Riff Thirty really makes winter a whole lot easier!

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