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San Clemente Camping are you looking for an affordable, family friendly campground in Southern California? Look no further than San Clemente Campgrounds. San Clemente is home to several scenic campgrounds and RV sites. You can even find an entire town nearby called San Clemente, which is the local destination for RV campers. A short drive to Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Pacific Ocean, San Clemente is home to sandy beaches, world class ocean surfing, historic old towns, and some of Southern California’s finest wine regions.

San Clemente Camping is The Best Camping Trip

If you are an outdoor adventure lover, then San Clemente is perfect for your next camping trip. Campsites in San Clemente tend to be small and intimate, but offer a wonderful experience. Camping at San Clemente is similar to going back to nature. There is no trash to collect, no noisy neighbors to worry about, no cars to run over, and no annoying insects. San Clemente Campgrounds provides ample parking, free showers, and a near-by community pool and beach. Campsites are even available at the San Onofre State Beach and in the neighboring towns of La Mira and Santa Barbara, California.

A quick search online will reveal a large selection of San Clemente camping locations. If it’s quiet time, why not camp by the sea? Enjoy the calming breeze, unwind with a good book, or cook up a family cabin meal at your next campground visit. Take the family to Rip Jack beach, or let them kayak down the river with their friends. If it’s all about boating, then consider renting a pontoon boat or a ski boat at one of San Clemente’s marinas.

Hiking , Camping , Hiking Trails

One of San Clemente’s best kept secrets is its amazing array of parks for camping. Depending upon your needs, each campground offers different amenities, so be sure to take a look at each before deciding on the right tent and site. Here’s a list of just some of the options:

Nearby attractions are varied and numerous. Besides the obvious hiking trails, consider taking a hike along the beach, or taking a cable car ride to the top of Mt. Soledad. For the more adventurous, San Clemente State Park has the world’s highest freestanding volcano. Camping at nearby sites such as Crystal Cove and La Jolla Cove makes hiking a true adventure, but be careful if you choose to camp on the beach; California law prohibits camping on the beach. Also, there’s a local treasure museum in the area, where a portion of proceeds from the camping fees are donated to the museum, providing even more excitement!

Very Comfortable

Camping at San Clemente is inexpensive and comfortable. Most sites require only a limited number of camping items, such as firewood and a few emergency items, making camping a low cost affair. However, it’s important to pack light and pack wisely, as the following advice applies both during and after camping: pack only what you need and bring only what you will need. Keep food and water cool and take plenty of sunscreen, because the heat can become unbearable at times.


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