Portable Camping Shower – How to Use Your Shower Tent

Camping can be an enjoyable activity for the whole family, but Portable Camping Shower is often a bit less than pleasant. Especially if you’re camping alone, or if your camping trip is part of a family group, camping showers can be an unpleasant experience. Fortunately, there is a solution to this common camping problem – the portable camping shower tent.

Camping Shower Enclosure

A camping shower tent is an alternative to the more traditional camping showers that can be found in many National Parks and forests. Often, these larger tents can be used for a variety of activities. Hiking, picnicking, and other outdoor activities can all take place in the back yard of a portable camping shower tent, providing a fun way to spend the day outdoors. And, because portable tents can be easily folded or rolled up for storage after use and they are great for families who like to go camping frequently.

How to Use Your Camping Shower Tent

One of the most common uses for portable camping showers is for washing. Many of these tents come equipped with small, inflatable washers that attach to the wall. These portable camping showers can be hooked up to a running hot water line that comes from the house so that all that’s needed is an attachment to the shower itself. which attaches to the roof. The user simply has to fill the tub with the running water, fill the hose, and then attach the camping shower to the line.

Overlanding fans may enjoy using their portable camping showers to do their own cleaning. A camping shower can easily be hooked up to an Overlanding soap Dish, which is usually large enough to wash a camping toilet in. The camping shower will then dispense small portions of soap, which can be used to clean your camping toilet. There is even an option for a fold-able camping shower tray, which allows the user to place the camping shower inside a tent during overlapping adventures. This eliminates the need to carry a portable camping shower with you on Overlanding trips.

Portable Camping Shower Tent

If you plan to use your portable camping shower for other purposes besides washing in it, you can purchase a privacy tent to fit inside of a standard sleeping bag. A privacy tent comes complete with a canopy, doors, and mesh windows, allowing you to keep out the morning sunlight while still having the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of a nice hot shower. Besides, a good quality privacy tent will provide extra ventilation, allowing you to stay cool in warm weather. Some of the higher quality tents available on the market also have mosquito mesh windows, which will help to keep bugs away from your body, while providing you with some privacy.

For those who like to go camping with their dogs and cats, a portable shower enclosure is a great alternative to a dog bowl or kennel. It can be used to keep water for bathing your pets, as well as cleaning up after them. Since it is portable and lightweight, it can easily be carried in packs and fit in a small bag or backpack. As an added benefit, your pets will never be able to tell where you are sleeping or eating, ensuring a more comfortable and safer camping experience.

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