Lake Pleasant Camping Park – Relaxes In This New Jersey Camping Spot

Lake Pleasant Camping, If you love the outdoors, you should consider camping at one of the many Lake Pleasant Camping Park locations in Ohio. This scenic lake is located in northeastern Ohio and is about a three-hour drive from Cleveland, Columbus, and other nearby cities. The campgrounds are nestled amongst beautiful trees and plants along the shores of the lake. You will find amazing scenery in these campgrounds and on any given day you will likely see many different types of wildlife including many species of ducks, such as mute swans and lake birds.

Lake Pleasant Camping Park Hiking and Camping

If you prefer to camp in more open settings, you will find several designated hiking and biking trails around the lake. Some of the hiking trails even loop back towards the town of Mentor. There are also a few very nice campsites that are only a short distance from some of the hiking trails. Some of the Lake Pleasant Camping Park locations even offer canoe rentals. If you enjoy camping with others, you will find no shortage of activities to participate in.

Most of the developed campsites are maintained by the state. However, there are a select few developed campsites that are privately owned. These privately owned developed campsites offer all of the facilities and amenities that you would find at a full-service campground, but at a much lower cost. When you arrive at your Lake Pleasant camping site, you will first notice a large wooded picnic table outside of the campground. It is this picnic table that will give you the first chance to sit down and eat lunch or breakfast.

Lake Pleasant Camping Park Has Picnic Place

In addition to the wooded picnic table, most of the developed camping sites at Lake Pleasant Camping Park have fire rings, grills, fireplaces, hotplates (some with chimneys), firewood storage, and a built-in grill. In addition to all of these amenities, you will also find plenty of room to store your equipment and other items you may need for a quick trip to the store. The majority of the lake pleasant campsites also provide a utility room and a dump yard for your trash. Some of the campgrounds provide restrooms and even showers.

Depending on the number of people who will be visiting, you may have access to a cabin or a campground that has several rooms available. At night, you can enjoy a quiet night in your cabin, or explore the nearby campsites by going hiking, biking, or taking a boat ride. To make your vacation even more peaceful, make your reservations page to ensure that you get the site of your choice when it’s ready. Most campsites are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so you can make your reservation and stay as long as you want.

Near Paget, New Jersey a Short Drive

If you are looking for a wonderful, quiet place to go to spend your summer holiday, check out Lake Pleasant Camping Park. Located near Paget, New Jersey, just a short drive from New York City, this campground offers everything you would expect from a campsite, including fire rings, bathrooms, fire pits, and playgrounds. If you make your reservations page online, you can make overnight accommodations at your chosen campground.


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    […] Lake Pleasant Camping Park – Relaxes In This New Jersey Camping Spot on Lake Hen Shaw Camping – Enjoy The Outback At It’s Best […]