Lake Isabella Camping in Oregon – Lake Isabella

Lake Isabella Camping , Are you looking for a great family camping vacation? If so, look no further than Lake Isabella. This area is one of three California “must-see” destinations for camping. The other two destinations, Yellowstone and the Sierra Nevadas offer more scenic sights, but none offer the clear waters, wildlife, and awesome camping opportunities found in this area. Camping near the lake offers so much for families with young children, older kids, and single adults alike!

Lake Isabella sits in what is called the Kern River Valley, between two sections of the Sequoia National Forest in Northern California. Surrounded by small communities are the cities of Lake Isabella, Fresno, Lake Havasu, Caliente, and Wofford Heights. The campgrounds are located all around the lake and each offers plenty of activities for camping, hiking, boating, swimming, fishing, or just relaxing. For campers who enjoy the open air feel of this locale, there are many sites that allow campers to set up their own tents and enjoy the peace and quiet of the great outdoors. You can even find a nature preserve right on the water! All-inclusive vacation packages are available that include camping, car rental, car and boat rentals, as well as meals and gas.

Lake Isabella State Park

The lake offers miles of open space with some very unique rock formations. Many of these areas have been protected and are off limits to campers. However, that does not stop families from taking advantage of the amazing scenery that is found in this wonderful area. Take time to view some of the views and discover why these areas have been named among the top five national treasures. One of these views is sure to take your breath away!

When you take a trip to Lake Isabella State Park, you will not be far from home when it comes to camping. This park is one that features cabins for overnight accommodations and campgrounds that make camping a snap. There are many hiking trails as well as boat docks to explore. Of course, if you are interested in more adventures, boating is an excellent way to spend a few days at the lake. Enjoy a quiet day on the lake while enjoying the quiet of nature and all that it has to offer.

There Are too Many Activities

The best part about camping at Lake Isabella State Park is that there are so many different things to do. Spend the day enjoying the lakeshore and seeing the wildlife that calls it home. Catch some trout on your fishing rod and enjoy swimming in the clear waters. Bring your camping gear together and stake out your site near the lake. If there are some swans, ducks, or other water birds that are nesting in your area, you will be able to see them through the evening.

Camping at Lake Isabella State Park is sure to be a fun experience no matter what the season or time of year. If you are looking for peace and quiet, this is definitely a place that you should consider. Take advantage of all that this location has to offer and make sure you come back again. With the right camping gear, and the willingness to enjoy nature and wildlife, camping at Lake Isabella will be one of your most cherished memories!

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