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Kerr Lake Camping is when you are looking for a serene atmosphere to camp in a while visiting the Blue Ridge Mountains, look no further than Kerr Lake Camping Ground. This campground has been a North Carolina State Parks since 1969, offering camping opportunities in a remote wooded area. You will find many activities on-site, including boat launches, canoeing, fishing, swimming, hiking, horseback riding, and nature trails. Three majestic mountains surround the lake itself, and the surrounding area offers amazing views of the mountains and the surrounding area.

When it comes to the waters of Kerr lake camping area, you can expect to do some swimming this year too. Even those that do not enjoy water sports can enjoy a boat ride through the waters or paddle your own canoe to a nearby beach to cool off. If you decide to hike along the shores, be sure to wear trail shoes for added protection as there are rock pieces and roots in the path that can easily stump your trekking boots. It is easy to find lodging at the campground, so plan to spend the night outdoors.

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Kerr Lake Camping has numerous locations from which to choose when it comes to campsites at the lake. Most campsites are located near or around a large body of water such as a river or pond. Besides having great hiking and swimming spots, some of the campsites have electric hookups for your personal electrical needs. These are usually located about thirty yards from the lake and are a nice addition to the camping experience.

A couple of other great things to consider about the Carrara Campgrounds include access to a public trout pond and access to public restrooms. These facilities make it easier for campers to enjoy their stay at the Kerr lake camping trip because they can walk a few short miles to their location and use the restroom facilities. They can also make a reservation at one of the restaurants in the area, making life so much easier.

The fishing charters at the Kerr Lake Camping are another great way to spend your time while you’re there. If you are an avid fisherman, then this is definitely an activity that you will want to add to your itinerary when visiting the beautiful state of North Carolina. There are several fishing charters in the area with charters available from early May through late October. With this option, you will have a chance to try out new catches on the fly as they come up to the surface of the lake. You can also take advantage of the fishing charters to rent a boat which is highly recommended if you plan to fish off the pier.

No matter what type of activity you choose to partake in at the Kerr Lake Camping ,you will be able to find a lovely spot for relaxation and enjoyment. The area is very quaint, offering visitors a feel that is reminiscent of a southern plantation. A tent, fire and a meal should provide all of the sustenance you will need while enjoying the beautiful North Carolina countryside. Camping at the Lake Of The Shenanigans will give you all of the comforts and comfort you will need while enjoying one of the most unique and rewarding vacation experiences you will ever have.

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