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Jordan Lake Camping State Recreation Area (SLDA) is a vast 14,500-acre lake with 180 miles of gently sloping shoreline. Located on the southern shores of Lake Jordan, it offers camping opportunities for families, singles, couples, adventure seekers, and small fishing and hunting groups. This tranquil lake is one of the best destinations for camping in all of North Carolina. Its tranquil beauty is also a site for water sports, boating, swimming, hiking, wildlife watching, and other outdoor activities.

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The primary reason that people choose Jordan Lake Camping State Recreation Area as their preferred campsite is that there are so many great hiking trails within a short distance. There are also beautiful views of the lake and the nearby towns and cities. When you visit this area, plan to stay at one of the several campgrounds. These campsites offer everything from hookups for your personal watercraft at the Jordan Lake Camping campground to cabins, cabin rentals, and picnic areas. Most of the campsites are located on private land, but some are open to the public.

Most campsites offer the amenities of electricity, bathrooms, showers, laundry facilities, and hot meals. With such basic amenities, Jordan lake camping is a comfortable and affordable option for outdoor camping. Several sites provide electricity and bathrooms but charge separately. Because most of these campsites are on private land, nearby residents can be present while you are on the lake.

Because this is an “adventure park,” there are many hiking trails that cross the lakebed. Most of these trails are ADA accessible, and they are in good condition. Several campsites offer private boats for rent. If you are interested in canoeing, you will need to make arrangements with the lake management campground. Other campsites that offer canoeing are available as well, so do not be afraid to search around for the perfect site.


There is plenty of room to store your camping gear at the Dyrt Camper & Wellness Center, which is on the grounds. The Jordan Lake Camping and Hiking Guide are other great resources if you are unfamiliar with the area. This guide provides detailed information about all of the different campsites, lakes, fishing, history, etc. You will also find information about the history of the lake, which dates back centuries.

A full-service campground is only a short distance from the Jordan Lake Camping. At these campsites, you will find modern conveniences such as playgrounds, boating, laundry facilities, and restaurants. These convenient campsites are available to families as well as teenagers. However, most teens will not feel comfortable at a cabin or campsite while learning about nature. For older children or teenagers, there are hiking and fishing trails to be found. You may also want to consider staying at a luxury cabin or campsite, depending on your budget and personal preference.



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