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The best camping stories come from memories and not rehashed camping stories you have heard before. A great way to create your own camping stories is to do it with your own children. Children love to tell stories. Share funny camping experiences with your child and let them know how much fun they had! This will create a lasting memory and a great way to bond together as a family.

Camping Stories – A National Park’s Best Catalog of Camping Memories

Five Ideas for Capturing Great Family Camping Stories with Your iPhone. Capture the memories of your camping adventure with your phone. Use digital scrapbooks to record each family member’s tale of the camp; from beginning to end, using notes or photos showing packing the tent, setting up, cooking, fun activities, hikes, and overall camp life. Use your smartphone to recording each family member telling a story from their camping experience. Memories will last forever with these five best camping stories that you and your family can share.

The Ramble in Sleep Country

The Ramble in Sleep Country is a fantastic collection of true camping stories from some of our campers who made the trip. The Ramble in Sleep Country tells the story of a middle-aged couple who took a well-deserved vacation and ended up sleeping in a RV park for the weekend. It chronicles the many adventures the couple had during their short camping trip, including some rocky terrain and some unexpected wildlife encounters. Best of all, the Ramble in Sleep Country was shot entirely on the iPhone. See some more photos here.

West Ridge Campgrounds

Another one of our best camping stories was posted by the campers who called the West Ridge Campgrounds in Idaho. They called it “The Family Camping Trip.” In this post, the members of the group call out memories of campfire trips they have experienced and capture them with photographs. You will also see where they made camp and where they ate their meals. This is a truly amazing collection of campfire stories, something you will enjoy reading, sharing, and enjoying even more once you’ve read through this post.


When I was growing up, we always had a stack of favorite camping stories beside our camp fire. I still enjoy reading these tales from the recollections of other campers. My own children are fond of telling me their favorites, too. Whether young or old, everyone can appreciate the fun of camping stories.

One of my favorites is called “The Great Outdoors,” a National Park publication by Pamela Anderson and Steve Berry. It is about the joys of camping and what makes it an even better experience. As an adult who has been camping since before I could remember, I think it’s really true what they say about the out of doors. Camping is a true American experience and it just gets better.


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