Folsom Lake Camping and RV Resort Review – Best Camping Experience *2021

A trip to Folsom Lake is a fun family camping experience. The beautiful lakeside location, wildlife, and recreation activities make Folsom Lake Camping an enjoyable family vacation or even a honeymoon getaway. Because of this campground’s popularity, many have planned a trip to Folsom Lake in the past. This is also why there are various accommodations at the Folsom Lake Camping Resort, including full or part-time, luxurious cabins, tent camping, RV hookups, and site rental condos.

Folsom Lake Camping Review & Prices ,Folsom Lake Camping Reservation & Fees


The most popular Folsom Lake Camping locations are located on the southwest corner of Folsom Lake, which is also the northernmost point of California. The most popular overnight attraction is the Nacogdoches State Historical Park. Located on the west bank of Folsom Lake is the old stagecoach road, which has now been renovated into a walking trail. This trail leads visitors down to the old stagecoach road where a depot for the train company used to be located. Another outbuilding, a prefabricated schoolhouse, can also be found at the end of the trail. It now houses the African American Historical Society.

Besides the historical society, the state recreation area offers an abundance of other attractions and activities for all ages and skill levels. One of the most popular Folsom Lake camping locations is the “Horseback Riding Park.” Here you’ll find riding opportunities on miles of beautiful trails, including rocky areas, marshy areas, and more. This park offers pony rides, free dog camps, hiking, boating, and nature walks.

There’s no better place for those who enjoy taking long horseback riding trips than the Folks Performing Arts Center in the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area. Here you’ll find two large stages for performing arts, as well as a small stage for the children’s talent competition. The American West Highway runs right through the center of the parking lot. Walking along this road will take you past historic sites, a day spa, a coffee shop, and the Performing Arts Center.

Just down the road from Folsom Lake Camping RV Resort is the American Camping Association Convention Center. Here you’ll find two pavilions for the exhibit exhibits and lectures. For horseback riding enthusiasts, the county has several designated trails that lead up to the campgrounds. The American Camping Association Convention Center is the host of the annual ADA Championship Rodeo in June.

Folsom Lake State Park offers many great outdoor activities for campers of all ages. If your kids enjoy rock climbing or hiking, the nearby Brushy Creek Park State Recreation Area will set the perfect location for your getaway. It also boasts a state park lodge that features a swimming pool, fire ring, and flush toilets. If your children are into fishing, then the Fishing Bridge Campground is where you should head. Located on the southern shores of Lake Folsom, it offers an easy-access location for great fishing opportunities.

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