Dry Camping With an Electric Motorhome – Very Comfortable

Many people think of dry camping as a means of going back to nature. This could certainly be the case but there are several variations on the theme. The first, dry camping, means using as little gear as possible while still maintaining the same level of luxury as camping in a semi-permanent facility. The second, mobile dry camping involves utilizing whatever equipment is deemed to be on-hand for every outdoor excursion. Dry camping is frequently used by those who live in mobile homes and camp trailers.

What is Dry Camping?

The most common term, dry camping, refers to sleeping in a tent outdoors without any hookups. The second, mobile dry camping, represents the situation where you choose to dry camp–not the activity itself. For example, on Catalina Island, homeowners have a “No Hook” policy in place. This means that if you decide you want to go boating or hiking, you can do so, but you can’t bring any equipment with you unless it is attached.

Self-contained Camping and Dry Camping Definition is Same

One of the things that make dry camping so appealing is the fact that it is affordable. Just bring along your tent, your food and a bit of water and you are set to go. However, the gear that you bring along to keep yourself safe can include a first aid kit, a pair of rain boots to keep your feet dry, a solar panel to charge your cell phone, a pair of rain pants to ward off the chills, a folding camping chair, a folding table, a portable cooler to store your food, and a propane tank to provide some heat. Another item that can help make things easier for you is a shore power generator. These units are a great addition because they don’t require any wires and they run on a 12 volt power source. They can be easily stored in your car and you will never have to worry about losing power again. The problem is that the prices for these generators can be costly, especially if you need multiple units.

If you are thinking of taking up Self-contained Camping for a new experience, you may want to take the time to look at the different places that you could camp like in the mountains or in the boondocks. You can choose from remote campsites or rest areas that are out in the country. There are plenty of beautiful sites for camping at a remote lake, mountain or beach. If you are looking for a true “no wires” experience, a boondock will meet your needs. In addition, many people choose to camp at rest areas, which are often built right on the water.

Dry Camping Toilet

You may also want to consider having your own motorhome when you are Self-contained Camping. A lot of motorhomes have a small kitchen inside so you can cook meals on the boat or on the shore. Some people prefer to cook on their own so they never have to worry about hook ups or electricity. If you are planning on getting a small motorhome like this, you will have to take into consideration the amount of space you will need in your RV and how much electricity will you need to run it.


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