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Suppose you’re campers or hikers like myself, then you know that there are some very essential pieces of equipment when it comes to camping: portable camping table, camping chair, waterproof tent, and of course a camping mat. Top of the line camping gear is also very affordable and should give you a piece of value for your money in the future, especially if you’re an avid backpacker. To get the best value out of your investment, I suggest that you purchase an all-in camping table. This way, you can be certain to get all the pieces you require at a fraction of the cost of purchasing each item separately.


There are various brands available of folding camping tables ranging from the budget-conscious Star Trac to the office star Netto. They offer the same type of equipment, but the main difference is in their materials and construction. Star Trac folding camping table is made from aluminum, is lightweight, and can be folded into a neat, compact design that stores easily. On the other hand, the office star Netto is made from high-grade nylon and is lightweight and durable; it also comes with an adjustable height leg rest so you can adjust it as required for your height.

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The folding camping table is constructed from plastic, which is an extremely durable material. It is easy to clean and is waterproof and weather-resistant. Plastic is also resistant to stains, so you can leave yours in the outdoors without any worries about getting dirty. The fold-up style of Netto and Star Trac camp tables come with padded seats that are manufactured from breathable synthetic fabric for added comfort. Folding camp tables with padded seats are great for people who are prone to back problems.

Whether you are purchasing a small portable camping table for your backyard BBQ or an outdoor dining table for a gala event, you need to consider many factors before making the final purchase. Size is obviously going to be one of the most important issues. It would help if you made sure that the table is large enough to accommodate the number of people you expect to have at your function. If you’re entertaining people for several people, then go for a larger folding table; if you aim to relax or entertain a small group of friends, get a smaller folding table. Your outdoor table’s size will also affect how much you can take with you in your car to get to your destination.


Another major issue you may face when buying a folding camping table is the price. Some of the folding camping tables on the market can cost upwards of $300, and if you are not planning on using the table for extended periods of time, this can be quite a costly investment. Many people who buy these outdoor folding tables often use them as a simple table for parties and such, but if you plan on using your table for extended periods of time, like a work party perhaps, then it makes sense to spend a little bit more money. If you shop around, you may well be able to find a portable table on a budget that still looks great.


One final thing to consider when choosing your folding outdoor folding camping table is storage space. If you are using your table for outdoor BBQs and other gatherings, you’ll need some storage space for your equipment. Outdoor folding tables generally come with limited storage space, either built into the table or on separate legs, so it may be necessary to invest in a carry bag or some other type of storage to keep your tools safe and out of the way. It is best to keep your carry bag lightweight and foldable so that you can carry it easily and comfortably when carrying other items.

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