Bear Mountain Camping Trip – Camping Near Bear Mountain

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for that special someone or you need a little relaxation before heading off on your next adventure, a visit to Bear Mountain Camping will put you in the right frame of mind. The serene environment, friendly staff, and amenities are sure to make your stay more enjoyable. There’s no better way to end your vacation than coming back to a place you love. Find Out More About Camping Near Bear Mountain.


The Perfect Camping Equipment For Your Next Bear Mountain Camping Trip

Find Bear Mountain Camping products and gifts sold in environmentally conscience ways on quality, high-quality products that have been made one at a time, one item at a time. Each purchase you make places money directly in the artist s pocket. The items you purchase are recycled by products left over from local manufacturers.

Bear Mountain Camping supplies

Equipment and supplies are sold at an affordable price because they buy their stock in bulk from the manufacturer. This means you’ll be getting the best quality for the best price. No matter where you go camping, whether it be a day or a week long getaway, you’re guaranteed to find the right gear and supplies. Bear Mountain Camping has over 100 locations across the United States. From mountain peaks to flat country sides, you’re sure to find a location that is perfect for your camping getaway.

From camping trailers to evergreen tents, you’re sure to find everything you need. The bears are only attracted to food if the camping is for personal use. If it’s a family trip, the bears will choose another area to roost. So be sure to check your camping equipment and trash cans before setting up your camp.

Are Bears Quite Dangerous in Bear Mountain?

While many people think of bears as only a nuisance, they can actually be quite dangerous. They like to eat and explore new scents. You’ll find boar scented candles, soap and kitchen items which are actually scented to attract bears. In order to prevent having to deal with a bear, be sure to prepare their food properly and take all precautions to make sure there are no poisonous liquids in your food. Taking your garbage out of the woods is also another way to deter bears from your campsite.

Because the bears prefer to stay around lakes and rivers, bear canoes are great for camping trips. Not only will you be able to see the bears, you’ll also have the equipment needed to grab yourself and get out of trouble. However, bear canoes can be heavy and should not be used when moving through thick forest. In fact, a good number of hunters report being attacked by bears while hiking in the woods. Camping in bear country is a serious matter and should be taken seriously.

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By train, the West Mountain shelter is best accessed by the Suffern-Bear Mountain trail from Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain length 391m

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