ATV Camping – Most Common ATV Camping Mistakes

ATV camping is most popular type for camping.There are many ATV campers out there who think nothing of leaving their expensive all-terrain vehicle parked in the grass when it’s not in use. Unfortunately, this is a big mistake and not many of these people realize it. Not securing your vehicle properly while you’re on ATV Camping will result in you spending more money repairing or even having to buy a new ATV because of accidents.

What is ATV Camping Mistakes?

The second most common ATV camping mistake would be to not properly load and secure your equipment on the ATV while camping. Too many times, we have seen ATVs parked up high in the grass with all their supplies and camping gear only to discover that they’ve been left on the ground. The ATV trails we have been on have had to close down because of accidents, usually due to the driver forgetting to lock his four wheeler. It’s not safe for visitors to camp on any ATV trail, so the best ATV trails are those where the staff is on the trails with you to monitor your camping and riding experience.

Another ATV camping mistake that can lead to a miserable camping trip is overlanding. The key with overlanding is to make sure you properly pack your riding gear. You don’t want to just throw your tent and camping gear into the back of your all terrain vehicle and blindly drive off into the woods. You need to make sure your ATV is well protected from the elements before you set out. If you don’t, you run the risk of becoming injured from the elements and not having enough food or water to survive for days.

Probably the biggest ATV camping mistakes that we have witnessed happen during our daily routine of going on an ATV tour. Most often, riders simply pick up their ATV and head out on a scenic journey without considering all of the possible dangers and pitfalls that they might encounter. In addition to overlanding being dangerous, it is also very common for riders to get lost and become stranded in the middle of nowhere, especially if the trail they are on was not maintained very well.

Most Common ATV mistakes

One of the most common ATV mistakes that people make while on an ATV trip is leaving their rear tires outside of the car on long rides. Why do they do this? It’s simple, an a camper doesn’t have easy access to a dry bag. A dry bag provides easy access to your riding gear, which means less chance of you coming back from your trip and finding your tent and camping gear ruined from wetness and mud. If you only leave your rear tires out, then you won’t be able to easily check your mud or rain gear to see if it’s still in good shape.

How to Go Atv Camping?

Another common ATV camping mistake that many riders make while out on a ride is leaving their tents at home when going on an ATV trip. Often times, when out on a long ride, people will start to argue whether or not they should leave their tents behind. This can be avoided by making sure you always bring with you your sleeping bag, lantern, first aid kit, food and water bottle, and sleeping pads. By doing this, you will be much more comfortable sleeping out in the open after a night of riding.

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